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Sadira Sidhe O Mawkins

the faery cat beast

Sadira is a magical combination of a faery (the old kind before they were like tinkerbell in Peter Pan, when they were warrior-type Gods of ancient Ireland/Britain/Isle of Man etc) and a tiger.
Created by a Wizard working for Scathatch, the cat-faced warrior Goddess, she was put on the Earth to learn the ways of a warrioress.
Origins of her name: Sadira is Hindu for shining star, Sidhe is an old word for Faery or Elf, O'Mawkins was derived from Mither O' The Mawkins, Mawkins in Scottish means cat, and Mither is Mother. Mither O' The Mawkins, or Mother of Cats, was a Witch-type Goddess in old Scotland.

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