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Sir Kyrik "the bear killer" McJagger

Knight of the Skull, Highlord of the Red Dragon army, High King of Middle Earth

Born to Scottish parents living in the wilds of Ireland Kyrik was abandoned at a young age, never knowing the truth behind his parents dissapearance. Kyrik was raised by kindly folk from a nearby village until he was old enough to leave home and explore the world. He traveled many places learning different styles of fighting from those who would teach him. One year while back in Ireland Kyrik came across a small group of people being attacked by a bear, it was here that he earned his name "the bear killer" by the local people who he saved. As a reward for saving the villagers they offered him all he could ask for if he would stay and be the villages protector. Years passed as Kyrik warded off threat after threat teaching local youths the skills of war he learned so long ago. It was during one of these sessions that he met a girl named Calliach who longed to be taught how to fight, they spent much time together eventually falling in love. Calliach became Kyriks wife and they decided to leave the village in hopes of a new life. So with the elders blessing they roamed the land eventually meeting a small band of warriors known as the Black Legion who were led by the great lord Sir Pathfinder. The Black Legion became a strong force and Kyrik was squired, as was another up and coming warrior known only as the Shadow Stalker whom Kyrik befriended. After a time the two decided to leave the Black Legion in hopes of serving a higher purpose when they came across a cleric of the goddess Takhisis who taught them of the ways of the Dark lady. Kyrik and Shadow then joined the knights of Neraka which was the start of a destiny bigger than either of them thought. Joining the armies of Takhisis, Kyrik eventually gained the rank of Highlord, in control of the Red Dragon branch of the Dragon armies. Years passed with many victories in the name of Takhisis and the Red Dragon army, when at a critical location Kyrik's army was dessimated by a small army of Minotaurs who killed all but a few of his warriors, as punishment for this failure the dark goddess transformed Kyriks outward appearance to that of an ogre but allowed him to retain his keen battle mind. To this day he still serves the darkness as Highlord but with the intimidating look of his failure. Kyrik still commands his army, with his new squires but sometimes gives in to the bloodlust of battle rampaging and utterly destroying anything in his path.... ...hoping to some day regain his human look.

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