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The realm of Scottland was cofounded by Kyrik "the bear killer" McJagger, The lone warrior Steel Brightwind and the man known as Shadow Stalker. One day the three warriors were roaming throughout the lands of Middle Earth arguing about who the better king was, Kyrik backing Lord Pathfinder while Shadow was happy with the thought of no one ruler, but a council, a round table of sorts, composed of knights but giving equal votes to the people of the land.

With that thought they decided to bring to life Shadows dream. Gathering thier loyal warriors with them they joined the Neraka Legion and moved on to newer lands of thier own.

Gaining popularity among the people, they are consistently recruiting new warriors, men and women alike together forming a new realm "The Lands of Scottland" and utilizing the symbol of three snakes bound together for the realms banner.

Still remaining allies with Middle Earth among who they still have bretheren they are pround to call friends.